At the urging of his nephew, John E. Budlong, a retired Southern Baptist minister, moved into Ave Maria in 2016.  Mr. Budlong’s wife was critically ill and his family did not want Mr. Budlong to be alone after she passed away.

When John moved into an Assisted Living Studio apartment, he knew he was in the right place:

“When I walked in the door, I knew this was home,” he said.  “The staff and the residents have been so nice.  After serving 30 years as a minister at Mullins Station Church and working on the Mission Board, I was looking for something else to do with my life. Coming to Ave Maria presented me with another way to serve the Lord.  I’m happy to be part of everything that’s going on here.”

Mr. John E. Budlong, Assisted Living resident

Thelma Brown moved into the East Wing of Ave Maria’s nursing home in 2004, after her daughter, with whom she had been living, suddenly passed away.

Very independent and sociable, Thelma quickly adapted to her new life,  making friends and sharing a room with another resident, playing games, and being the cashier for the nursing home’s monthly cookie sale.

Thelma eagerly watched the construction of Ave Maria’s Green Houses and made it quite clear that she wanted to live in a Green House.  One of the first residents to move into  Green House – St. Anne House, Thelma loves her apartment and privacy:

“It’s nice to have my own apartment and bathroom, and not have to go down a hallway for my shower.  I have more space and put out my family photos and personal items.  Also, I can go to my apartment to watch tv,  read the paper, or play solitaire.  I like it here.”

Thelma Brown

Ave Maria

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